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Horse Lovers. Horse Competitors. Horse People.

A Passion for Performance at Every Equestrian Level


After 10 years of searching for the perfect farm, the Statue family found, purchased, redesigned and renovated the breath-taking equestrian facility located in Whitehouse, New Jersey. After purchasing, the Statue family renamed the farm Cloverfield—paying homage to the 140 acres of lush grassy pastures that encompass it. With a passion for conservation, they spent two years developing and implementing sustainability practices that exceed agricultural environmental standards.


The Statue family has years of experience boarding and caring for horses. At Cloverfield Equestrian Center, they put this expertise into practice and consider the safety and comfort of both the horse and rider to be paramount above all else.

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Physical: 33 Island Road
Mailing: PO Box 462
Whitehouse, New Jersey 08888